boncourt-003.jpgThe Fauquembergues district has treasures of no less than twenty four churches. All are charming and worth a visit.

One of the most outstanding is Saint Pierre de Wandonne-Audincthun, a specimen of military and religious architecture dating back to the middle ages along with the saint léger, 13th century, collegiate church in Fauquembergues and the Saint Omer church in Merck Saint Liévin and the Sainte Berthe church, in Febvin-Palfart

Some of the chapels belonged to the local lord of the area, notably the Avroult church. Others have a special story, or an original feature : legend says that the wall of the Wandonne church hide Joan of Arc's sword, captured by Lionel de Wandonne. The patron Saint of Merck Saint Liévin holds a religious novena dedicated to the fishing community in Boulogne sur Mer.

The Dennebroeucq church as a sun dial dating back to 1629. Visit the statues and carvings in the Coyecques, Erny-Saint-Julien and Laires churches.chateau-reflet.jpg

The numerous, tiny, stone or brick built chapels dotted about the countryside are vestiges of the rural community's faith. Built in thanks, or to ask for protection or to celebrate a nearby spring's healing powers, some are outstandaing, with truly remarkable architecture or carvings, ready to be admired on your meandering walks.

Last but not least, the water mills ( Renty, Dennebroeucq, and Enquin-les-Mines) magnificent farm buildings, wells (Avroult), feudal mound (Renty) and chateaux (Bomy, Saint-Martin d'Hardinghem) all bring the rich past alive. The battles of Renty and Enguinegatte and the Bomy truce were all events that left their mark in local history



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